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Rahab lived in Jericho at the time when Israel were entering the promised land after 40 years wandering in the wilderness.

The spies sent by Joshua into the promised land went to Rahab's house:

Joshua 2 verse 1


A selection of verses showing some significant events in Gideon's life.

Gideon was a judge or ruler of Israel, under God, after the time of Joshua. He lived about 1200 BC.

It was a time when Israel’s fortunes were at a low point:

Judges 6 verses 1 - 2


A selection of verses about one of the great prophets of Israel during the time they were ruled by kings like the evil Ahab – about 800 BC.

We first meet Elijah when he tells king Ahab to expect a serious drought:

1 Kings 17 verse 1


A selection of verses showing some significant events in the life of Joshua.

Joshua was the leader of Israel under God, after the death of Moses. This was just before his people entered the the land of promise to be later known as Israel.

Joshua was first mentioned when he was leading the Israelites in battle:

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