What's so special about the Bible?

Puzzled personThere is much evidence that the Bible is a message from a power much greater and wiser than ourselves.

Accurate, clear and precise predictions

  • Some of the predictions were highly unlikely to happen, yet they have been proved correct
  • The people making the predictions had no influence in making them come true
  • The majority of the people involved in fulfilling the predictions were not aware that they were so doing
  • The predictions were not vaguecities and nations are specifically named

A law ahead of its time

  • The Bible contains recommendations for good community health practice which the rest of the world adopted thousands of years later
  • Parts of the civil law are wiser than the laws that govern our world

Archaeological discoveries

  • Critics doubted the existence of many people and places mentioned in the Bible
  • Inscriptions were then discovered which mentioned them!

A remarkably consistent message

  • The Bible was written by many people from different backgrounds over a period of over 1,500 years, but despite this it has thousands of linked ideas
  • There is a consistent message which tells us:
    • Where we came from
    • What the meaning of life is
    • Where we are going

Look in more detail at some of this evidence on the evidence – you decide website www.theevidence.org.uk